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On July 8, the team which wins the first place in A group will play with the one who takes 4th place in B group and vice versa. A second place winner will play with B 3rd place winner and vice versa. Then the teams will have two more games. The winners and losers will compete against each other and the winner will be decided. In fact, all the teams are going to be overloaded: 6 games in two days.

Our competitors are strong. Switzerland is one of the countries beach handball started to develop in. Turkey beaches are perfect for this sport type and they have lots of teams. Russian team is certainly strong. 

Sasha Kuborovich arrives in Armenia on June 27 (-30). Serbian well known coach was in oue country two years ago and held a beach handball seminar here. After appropriate equipment and balls were acquired to develop this sport. Kuborovich will help our team to prepare in Sevan. Then he will leave for the competiotion with the Armenian team and will go on training the team until tournament starts on July 1.




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