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Switzerland is one of the first countries beach handball developed in. Turkish beaches have wonderful conditions for the sport and they have many high level teams. There is no need to introduce Russian team level. Anyway our team prepares to the coming trial with the best teams with high sense of responsibility. The Dean of sport games of Armenian State Institute of Physical Training professor Harutyun Melkonyan organizes works on preparing. The team was trained in Yerevan and in Sevan with the head coach Astghik Gjurjinian and Coach Anahit Harutyunyan.

And today Sasha Kuborovich arrives in Armenia. The well-known Serbian specialist will help our team to prepare for the coming games. By the way, he was in Armenia two years ago and held beach handball seminar. Ather that equipment and balls were got and this sport took root in Armenia.

Kuborovich will leave for Sevan with the team tomorrow and start trainings until 1 July. Several days before the competiotion start, on July 2, our team will leave for the championship and will continue trainings there.

Beach women’s handball outfit is special. In Armenia there was made three nice collections of outfits in 3 colors.

Finances are slender and Armenian Handball Federation makes preparations itself.

The director of Armenian Handball Federation sargis Grigorian says that a planned work is held for our team to represent itself good, and play good. By the way, last year Armenian team held a training in Batumi and took part in international championship. In the near future Armenian women’s handball team will have beach handball training bases in Yerevan and Sevan. Armenian Handball Federation together with Handball international organizations and Armenian local government tries to make serious steps in that direction.

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